The Interview with Georgia Pridham

By Aileen Gilani

What did you study at university? Or how did you start your career after school?
I was never great at school and was dying to finish so I could start working and gain independence. I left school and got a job at Cordings of Piccadilly in London. It was a big step as whilst I was moving to a different city and had chosen against uni to start the world of work, my friends were starting their first year at uni or going travelling - which was hard to watch! Cordings threw me into the world of the gentleman and I was in the heart of it, just a street away from the famous Jermyn Street and Saville Row. It was here I learnt about traditional processes, fabrics and the world of retail. I decided to enrol on a years course at The Fashion Retail Academy to get some form of qualification behind me for buying. I was on the Buying and Range Planning course for a year and I learnt a lot of skills which definitely helped give me a further understanding of the job.

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What work experience did you have already, when you graduated?

I had already worked in retail before and completed a placement at Sainsburys HQ in Coventry. Whilst studying my course I completed a placement with M&S as well. This definitely helped as it gave me some understanding of the industry and what would we be required in the role. Buying sounds glamorous on paper but it's a totally different story once you are in the role so it is so important to do work experience to see whether it suits you or not.

Did you have any other passion or ambition to do something outside your degree subject?

I have always loved interior design and art (you will find me in an art gallery). I try and draw when I can in my spare time and I am currently designing some cushions. My flat is my project, I am constantly looking at pieces to buy for it and looking at wall paint colours/wallpaper - my favourite wallpaper at the moment is House of Hackney I would love to be my own boss so who knows what the future may hold!

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What is your job role now?
I am a Buying Assistant for Kurt Geiger Mens. We are a small team so I have been exposed to some amazing opportunities because of this. I work closely with our Mens Designer and Buyer and together it is our job to create the Mens Kurt Geiger collections.

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What should students do to achieve your current role and how should they prepare to get into your industry?

It definitely helps to have a degree but from my own experience it is all about work experience. I am often looking for interns to help me and I look for someone who has completed a placement before or similar work experience. It is a fast paced, high pressured environment so it is important that you can show you have an understanding of this and can cope. When you do start your first placement or role the best advice I can give is use your initiative - do not wait around to be told what to do and do not be afraid to ask questions.

Images owned by Kurt Geiger and only used with the intention to promote this fabulous collection. We love KG.

If you have one advice to give to students, what would it be?
It sounds cheesy but don't give up. If you want something, keep working towards it and it will come. There will be a lot of hard work, stress and tears involved but it is so rewarding and worth it in the end. Learn from those around you and be gracious.

Which professional inspires you the most?
Sadly he is no longer with us however Alexander McQueen will always remain an inspiration to me. He started out as an apprentice in tailoring on Savile row and ended up with his own brand. He was knocked back many times by critics as he pushed boundaries but persevered. His clothes and ideas were weird and wonderful! I went to see his exhibition 'Savage Beauty' at the V&A and it is still to this day the best exhibition I have been to.

What was the most luxurious product you bought while studying at university?
The first thing I bought myself when I left home was my pink Mulberry make up bag - I absolutely love it!

Where do you mostly dine?
Whenever there is a special occasion I tend to go to a restaurant called Medlar on the Kings Road. They offer French cuisine but take inspiration from all over.The food is incredible, along with the service! Other than Medlar I am a huge brunch lover, it's my treat and getaway on the weekends. Megans or the The Bluebird on the Kings Road are great for brunch.

What’s your favourite bar in London?
Anywhere that does a great Pornstar Martini! I love trying out new places which are quirky and different. I recently went to Cahoots with a friend which was fun - it's like boarding a vintage train and all the staff are dressed up. There is also a great one down the road from my flat called Evans and Peel Detective Agency.

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Are you part of a Private Members Club? If not, which one would you like to try?
I am not but I would like to join Soho House. Soho House was created for people who work in the creative industries. They have clubs all over the world and each space looks beautiful and a great place to switch off.

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If you were on a budget what is the one thing you cannot give up?
That's a difficult one but most probably my perfumes. I love wearing perfume (I don't go a day without wearing it). People say never underestimate the power of a great outfit and I feel the same about perfume - it's amazing how different smells make you feel! My current favourite is Lys 41 by Le Labo (available in Liberty) - it is so floral and sexy, it reminds me of summer. It is pricey but so worth it!

Or Coffee - I love a good coffee!!

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Where do you mostly travel? 

I travel to St Tropez every summer with friends. It is so beautiful down there, the weather, food and wine is amazing. I am planning a trip to Mexico earlier next year which I'm looking forward to! 

If I gave you £100,000 what luxury products or services would you purchase? 

. Florence Bridge (new designer): She creates the most amazing Mongolian lambs wool jackets
. McQueen some of their dresses and there is an amazing pair of heels that they have done
. I would invest in some pieces of artwork
. Put money aside for my own business ideas

With a hospitality background, Aileen Gilani started to record her travels, fashion and student lifestyle during her time at university. In less than a year, it developed into a platform for students to gain information on the latest product and services to those who have a higher spending budget. Students who still want to experience a luxury lifestyle.
Aileen Gilani

With a hospitality background, Aileen Gilani started to record her travels, fashion and student lifestyle during her time at...

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