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Ayo Beauty, a new skin care collection promotes health and happiness even with Ayo translated to Joy. Susan, the founder of this calming and soothing brand started this for a number of reasons. Susan tell me all about it…

Every concept has a catalyst, and mine is very special. My story began when my sister Joy, creator of many beautiful things originally developed a unique range of luxury body care products to enhance a woman’s mood beauty. Joy’s life was so sweet but far too short, and it was this loss that inspired me to continue her beautiful legacy. And so Ayo, (pronounced eye-oh) the meaning for ‘joy’ in the Yoruba language, was born. The name truly embodies my sister Joy and her magical spirit. Realising from that moment the importance of having a legacy, I embarked on a journey of discovery, healing and above all a celebration of life. Every element of the brand is a reflection of Joy; from the uplifting fragrance; the botanically inspired formulations; to the benefits of beautifully hydrated, moisturised, nourished, smooth, silky soft skin, day after day. Ayo Beauty quite simply brings you joy, to enhance your beauty and make you feel and look amazing.

Whilst I started with skin/bodycare I am extremely excited having recently launched our handmade luxury soy wax candles

I have been very conscious about the ingredients used to formulate our products, made in the UK from natural origin do not include parabens, sodium laureth sulphate, SLES, mineral oils, silicones, or animal bi-products, nor are they tested on animals

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For all the students where can they purchase them?

Ayo Beauty is currently sold online at www.ayobeauty.com/shop/ – although it is my aim to have a presence on the high street and in particular places; niche independent shops, boutique gyms, wellbeing centres where there is synergy in the ethos of the brand which is all about feeling and looking amazing and above all bringing joy!!

The candles smell amazing! How did you get them to smell so good?

Easy - our candles are inspired by Joy and made with love! For a flame to dance with perfection and breathless beauty, it needs to be created with passion and handcrafted with the essence of pure love. Our candles are created with all these significant steps in mind. It also helps that we use beautiful essential oils and fragrances that emit tantalizing scents.

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How long did it take for you to finally be happy with your products?

I will say that it has been a long process, working with my formulator, creating test batches, sending them out, gaining feedback making tweaks here and there until I was finally happy. That is why feedback is so important to enable Ayo Beauty to continually evolve to be the best that it can be.

These products are perfect for luxury department stores Selfridges, Harvey Nicks. Will there be a mens collection coming soon?

Most definitely especially as men have more of an awareness of the benefits of looking after their skin, Ayo Man will work for men just as it does for women. All the men in my household use only the Ayo Beauty products! And I would love to have a presence in these stores - so watch this space!!

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Could you give us a few beauty tips on how to take care of your body skin? Especially for those late nights at university...

Ayo Beauty prides itself on transforming your daily regimes into tranquil rituals that your skin will love and with our products you can do just that as you would for the face you do for the body.
Cleanse - The Body Cleanser revitalises the skin whilst Kigelia and Aloe Vera hydrates and nourishes leaving it feeling smooth and soft
Exfoliate - The Body Polisher & Polishing Cloth sloughs away dead cells leaving radiant skin. Refining Apricot Seed and Ecuadorian Ivory Palm gently exfoliates. Kigelia, Aloe Vera and Sweet Almond Oil hydrates, and moisturises. Use this 2 – 3 times per week to reveal smooth and conditioned skin.
Moisturise - The Body Crème cocoons skin in a silky soft veil, Nilotica Shea Butter rich in vitamins A, E and Cacao Butter nourishes whilst antioxidant rich Chia Oil revitalises the skin.
- Avoid hot showers – it’s tempting to shower in hot water but this can actually dry out your skin further, instead stick to warm water and don’t spend longer than 5 -10 minutes showering so that your skin does not dry out.
- Don't lather your face too long, 30-60 seconds is all you need to clean your face. Leaving cleanser on too long can dry your skin
- Use lukewarm water when washing your face – too hot water will damage your skin's natural moisture. The same applies when you are having a shower
- After washing your cream whilst the skin is still damp and moist - this is the period when your pores remain open to absorb and lock in the moisture
- When you are dehydrated it is visible on your face and body, so to maintain a healthy glow drink lots of water

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Have you always worked in the Beauty and Skin care Industry?

Not at all, my background is actually HR!! This has BEEN BOTH CHALLENGING AND VERY REWARDING AT THE SAME TIME****not been an easy for me; stepping totally out of my comfort zone; learning about all things beauty, building up my finances to get this off the ground, and seeking out the right people who were captivated by the story who resonated with my vision and its uniqueness to help me in the creation of a range of skin/body care products.

My journey of discovery and enlightenment is more than just Ayo Beauty but a story about Joy and the gift she left me. Her gift will become my legacy and for this I feel truly blessed. I mean can you believe it our uplifting luxurious natural essential oil fragrance“Salute the Sun” was created by renowned perfume designer Azzi Glasser!

As a leading lady running your own business, what do you do to make sure you look after yourself?

When you have a passion it can easily take over everything becoming all-consuming, so it has been about trying to achieve balance, which is certainly not always easy, but making time for yourself and relationships is so important and above all trying to be healthy in mind, body and spirit. Sometimes easier said than done!!

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For any female entrepreneurs what advice would you give them?

Don’t be afraid to ask for help – you will be surprised how many women are out there who are willing to help, if you just ask. I have found so many who are willing to share. Also join Facebook groups, they are an invaluable source of advice, tips, knowledge and above all are so supportive.
Lack of money doesn’t always mean it’s not possible – there are many resources, many of them are free or minimal cost, that instead of breaking the bank will more often than not just cost you more of your time – but it’s worth it!
Be Creative  when things go wrong, or mistakes happen you need to be able to think creatively around a problem so as to arrive at a solution, and most often than not it works out better than you could have anticipated!
Passion – there are so many knocks you will experience along the way that without it there is a strong possibility you will give up. Keep reminding yourself of your Why.
Positivity – surround yourself with like-minded people. You need a supportive team around you, ones you can trust who think like you and all working towards the same goals.
Build Relationships – your network is your net worth
Belief – in yourself and your brand, especially as there will be many who want to knock you down instead of trying to pick you up. You cannot let negativity get the better of you.
Resilience – if you want success you have to keep going,
Comfort Zone - you will have to overcome this as you are your brand, so just embrace it!
Everything is Possible – be aware that unless you have sufficient funds you will more than likely be everything to your brand wearing numerous hats; PR, Digital Marketer, Content Writer, Web Designer, Product Maker, Marketing Designer, Purchaser, Sales Person etc etc. It will be daunting and overwhelming but you can do it, there are so many tools available and many for free, that you will amaze even yourself as to how much you can achieve!!
Have Confidence – in your brand and your abilities – better to have tried than not at all. Don’t have any coulda, shoulda. Woulda’s!!

For the next 6 months what can we expect from Ayo Beauty?

Being nominated and hopefully winning more awards – currently Ayo Beauty is a finalist in The Precious Beauty & Hair Awards for Best Skin/Body Care Product Brand for our Body Polisher and not only that we have been nominated for The Black Beauty & Fashion Award for Best Body Care for our Body Cleanser and Body Polisher.
- Working on an effective and consistent social media and marketing strategy.
- Launching Ayo Man and continue to handcraft more exquisite candles!
- And continuing to step out of my comfort zone!!

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With a hospitality background, Aileen Gilani started luxurystudent.com to record her travels, fashion and student lifestyle during her time at university. In less than a year, it developed into a platform for students to gain information on the latest product and services to those who have a higher spending budget. Students who still want to experience a luxury lifestyle.
Aileen Gilani

With a hospitality background, Aileen Gilani started luxurystudent.com to record her travels, fashion and student lifestyle during her time at...

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