Heart and Sole

By Emma Sales

Christian Louboutin is an icon in the shoes world. When you think about luxury in a shoe, I bet Louboutin comes up in your top 3! Louboutin knows how to to it right and empower us.

They of course have their iconic red sole but what else do they have that has us totally obsessed?

I have always been a bit of a luxury shoe addict, you will definitely come to recognise that over my time her at the Luxury Student. My first luxury shoe was of course Louboutin. I had been stalking their website and lusting over the patent black styles. I wanted black because I thought I would get more wear out of them.

For my 22nd birthday I asked everyone for money and sadly, even that wasn't enough, so I saved for the remaining. I'm actually really happy I did this because it made me appreciate them even more.

I planned my day out in London, dressed in all my best - I wanted to be taken seriously and I also wanted to wear something that would compliment the shoes. The boutique on Mount Street was small but so chic, like a romantic boudoir. The staff were so helpful and I had the store to myself for the entire time (I think this is because it was a weekday, weekends are to be avoided!)
The sales assistant helped me pick out the perfect pair and I ended up purchasing the Lady Peep style. This style is one of their classics that is always available, this also means that they increase in price a lot. I would always recommend buying a classic for this reason. I could now sell my shoes for the same price I purchased them for and they are worn!

Things to keep in mind when buying your first pair:
Are they classic? This way they will hold their value.
Will you get the wear out of them? Louboutin is an expensive brand, you want to make sure they won't just sit in your wardrobe collecting dust.
Can you walk in them? Very important, you don't want to spend all that money and then walk like bambi...
Are they seasonal? You may want seasonal, but if you want a shoes you can get a lot of wear out of then perhaps you should go for a style that will see you through the seasons and years.

I am now the proud owner of three pairs of Louboutins but the first pair will always be so special to me!
If you want to know more on the materials, recommendations and fit then you can head over to my YouTube channel, where I do a run through of all the styles in much more detail. (Video is linked at top of page)

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My name is Emma, I am 26 years old and I have a passion for all things luxurious! I adore fashion and beauty and when I start talking about them, I can usually go on and on and people seem really interested in my luxury shopping habits, hence why a blog seemed the perfect idea! I like to live the red carpet lifestyle, its a shame that my bank balance doesnt always agree, so expect to see some tips on affording those luxury items. Shoes are my biggest downfall Im obsessed, Id rather have a nice pair of shoes on my feet than a luxury dress. I feel like I can conquer the day in the right pair of shoes and they completely change the way I feel about myself and hold myself. I love to hear from you to find out what you enjoy reading and general chit-chat, so please feel free to comment and join me on social media too!
Emma Sales

My name is Emma, I am 26 years old and I have a passion for all things luxurious! I adore fashion and beauty and when I start talking about them, I...

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