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By Aileen Gilani

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From Tradition to Trend

As I walk through Leather Lane in heels I usually wear in Mayfair, I can sense the creativity already. The vibe was different, it was focused yet colourful with a hint of hustle and bustle.
However as I enter this very zen-like store, with calming walls and pieces of gold throughout, I don’t realise how huge this venue is until they lead me to a very sophisticated seating area with what seems to be a Pandora's Box of Signet rings and charms. I sat immediately with my fingers ready to try all the rings in gold, rose gold, silver and platinum. I was definitely in my element.

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Rebus has resurrected a tradition, and what I would say is “old school” and only for particular families. But fear not, Emmet the Founder has made it so easy for anyone (with a western surname) to find the symbol that represents your family. Their very thick Victorian book with all the names and their crests was full with beautiful detailed drawings, of every animal one could think of, including other objects such as fruits. 

Article ImageIf you do not know what your family crest is, you can easily come to the store and find out. For those that may not have names originating from this part of the world, such as myself, Rebus has created so many designs and they aim to create a bespoke crest just for you that only represents you. So now you can start this tradition and pass this onto your family.
Their core product is the Signet Rings, supplying any shape and size, precious stones included; from ovals, squares, round faced. The luxury choice is yours.  Their Instagram page is filled with designs and clients’ work but even some clients will sit for a few hours with a cup of tea going through the different designs.  
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Their step-by-step process and consistent contact with you gives you the assurance that they only have your inspiration in mind, and with their workshop downstairs, you can be assured that everything is made in the store. Although this will be a historical piece of jewellery, some clients don't want to have their family crest so they will often come with a moodboard of symbols that represents their life, adventures and memories.

Article ImageFor someone like me who’s too scared to get a tattoo, this is a great way to show your symbol.  

Now, Rebus welcomes a much younger crowd coming for their graduation, society rings, romantic gifts or even just a great addition to your jewellery collection. One family had 3 sons, who chose the same crest but different ring colour, and this will be passed onto their own family in the future.  

I was introduced to the team working hard in the workshop which made me realise how hard it is to create such a detailed and intricate masterpiece, and a greater appreciation of the time needed to engrave all the finer details such as wings, feathers, initials, banners- all the details to create your design.

Article ImageI am very sensitive when it comes to the final part which is the packaging, but I was not disappointed when they come with a very interesting box, with a wax seal as your receipt.
We soon came to the conclusion that The Luxury Student platform would adore this luxury experience.  

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 Emmet did suggest rose gold for me, but then soon realised that I was covered in gold jewellery, so he got the hint. An additional Keeper Ring to secure the signet ring also has many options for colour and diamond. Some even stack the different colours.Their charms and necklaces are also incredibly beautiful which can be engraved too and filled with diamonds.
Going through my own designs, I decided to link it to The Luxury Student as this has been a memorable adventure in my life. Emmet immediately starting sketching. We started with Luxury Student initials, then we discussed what inspired me to start this platform, so more sketching lead to more sketching and we concluded with a design that I never would have thought of, but it made sense and has a wonderful historical meaning to it as well.

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A more detailed explanation of my crest will be available in my next blog once I receive my ring. I am so excited!

Yours Truly,

The Luxury Student

With a hospitality background, Aileen Gilani started to record her travels, fashion and student lifestyle during her time at university. In less than a year, it developed into a platform for students to gain information on the latest product and services to those who have a higher spending budget. Students who still want to experience a luxury lifestyle.

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Aileen Gilani

With a hospitality background, Aileen Gilani started to record her travels, fashion and student lifestyle during her time at...

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