Rebus (Part 2)

By Aileen Gilani

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This is the most meaningful item in my life right now and look at it, it's beautiful! Let me tell you a little about it, and how you can have a signet ring designed especially for you. 

I've always admired what signet rings stand for, and while I've dreamed of having one myself, I was always under the impression that they where only for a select few – longstanding British families and landowners. Those of you who don't know me, I am not British, nor do I come from a family with its own crest, so my dreams of being a signet ring wearer were a little crushed! 

But on meeting Emmet, the Founder of Regus, I found out I could have one designed especially for me (no family crest necessary!). 

After some heavy brainstorming, reflecting back on times in my life that I felt were important, and my dreams for years ahead, I decided I wanted a design that reflected who I was right now, a business owner and female entrepreneur. I am so very proud of how well The Luxury Student has developed as a platform to bring students together, nationally as well as internationally, to express their love of luxury. After sharing my thoughts, Emmet suggested I have a pineapple engraved on my ring. I was a little confused, but once he explained, I was all for it. In some cultures, the pineapple was a symbol of peace and  was often presented as a gift by natives to foreigners entering their land. Being an exotic fruit, it was also very expensive and a very luxurious item. And luxury and bringing students together is what The Luxury Student is all about! Perfect match. 

I absolutely adore my signet ring and I am so glad I decided to invest in having one made for me. It's a reminder of who I am, how far I have come, and where I want to go. I highly recommend that you get one made to mark a significant milestone in your life, whether it's your graduation, your 21st, or something more personal, there are so many styles and designs to choose from at Regus. It's a wonderful tradition and an investment into your ambitions. 

Thank you Emmet and The Regus Team

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With a hospitality background, Aileen Gilani started to record her travels, fashion and student lifestyle during her time at university. In less than a year, it developed into a platform for students to gain information on the latest product and services to those who have a higher spending budget. Students who still want to experience a luxury lifestyle.
Aileen Gilani

With a hospitality background, Aileen Gilani started to record her travels, fashion and student lifestyle during her time at...

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