Top 5 Skincare Gifts for Black Skin this Christmas

Christmas Skincare Gift Guide

It is true and unfortunate that most skincare and beauty professionals are not fully trained to understand the difference between skin types especially the common Black skincare issues, therefore individuals are not offered the correct products, only by what is available but not necessarily what suits their skin type. Candour Beauty was created by Jacqueline and her business partner Abi to offer a platform that offers a variety of products specifically for Black Skin. This is truly breaking the boundaries of the skincare and beauty industry, educating and inspiring customers and professionals. We need to think a little bit more outside the box in order to give all individuals equal opportunity of purchasing products.

“My frustration with being overlooked in the beauty industry led me to create Candour Beauty. A multi brand retail store with a mission to provide Black women with a focused collection of products specifically selected for their skin, hair and personal care needs, wherever they are in the UK or around the world.”


When selecting products I always look for products which are cleverly formulated to help me fight my stubborn dark marks and brighten my skin. 

Epara Cleansing Oil

Your cleansing routine is incomplete without this product. It does wonders to remove makeup and sunscreen and doesn’t leave the face dry and stripped.

The ingredients are also really key in this product as it helps to tackle stubborn dark spots while giving you an instant refreshed clean glow

Dr Sturm Enzyme Cleanser

A personal favourite as it gives me a deep yet gentle cleanse while exfoliating at the same time. The bonus for me is that it comes in a fine-grained powder that transforms into a foam when mixed with water. 

It’s formulated with Vit C and Enzymes which leaves my complexion more radiant and refined.

Nuhanciam Anti-Dark Spot Serum

Fantastic with proven results to reduce the appearance of dark marks

Black Girl Sunscreen

A must have in my beauty arsenal and highly recommended. There is no way I would leave the house without sunscreen. And this product is fantastic for those with darker skin tones as it leaves absolutely no cast while really keeping the skin moisturized and nourished.

Dr Barbara Sturm Darker Skin Tones Discovery Kit

Fantastic with proven results to reduce the appearance of dark marks

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