How to keep things romantic during lockdown

Don't forget romance still exists!

It has been a few months now into the government lockdown and at this point it is safe to say that we all know everything there is to know about the coronavirus, also known as CO-VID 19 or The Rona, (as us millennials would call it).

We all know the symptoms, the do’s and dont’s, however, due to the drastic change of our everyday lives we may find that a lot of other questions remain unanswered. Like how do we suddenly spend 24/7 with our other half? 

There is nothing more odd about the situation we are currently in. We are forced to spend all of our time with our partners which can be argued is not healthy for any relationship. There is no privacy other than the bathroom at this point and how long do you actually want to be locked inside a bathroom? Even Kim Kardashian was finding it hard to do a makeup tutorial in her 7th bathroom. In the words of North West, “That is so mean”.

Many of us have lost our jobs which is causing anxiety and stress and suddenly our last priority is to keep the spark alive in our relationship. Trust us, you are not alone. If you want to come out on the other side with your relationship still having a spark, follow our suggestions below:

Don’t neglect your looks
While this is definitely an opportunity to let your hair and face breathe away from cosmetic products, don’t completely refrain from your normal routine. If it makes you feel good then apply a bit of makeup and style your hair just the way you would if everything was normal. Take care of your skin, use creams, exfoliate and enjoy a hydrating sheet mask once a week. Make sure your facial and body hair isn’t growing out of control. Keep it neat and tidy. This is not the time to test out stone-age fashion, unless that’s your thing.


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No Quarantine fashion por favor

Please don’t live in your pyjamas or your training gear unless you are actually training like all the time… We are not asking you to sit in your uncomfortable jeans, but we are sure you must have some outfits that are comfortable to sit around in whilst also pleasing to the eye. If not then perhaps invest in a nice home outfit that makes you feel fabulous. 

Date nights 

Make sure that you have dinner together every night. Take turns cooking for each other, have a glass of something and remember that some lit candles go a long way to creating a romantic atmosphere. On weekends feel free to dress up and either cook or order a 3 course meal. 

Movie Nights

Every night is now movie night and we love it! Put your phone away and spend the last 1-2 hours before bedtime, in the arms of your loved one while watching a movie. 

Surprise Each Other 

This may not be the right time to dive into your savings to splurge on your loved one but it also doesn’t have to be! There are many gifting options that don’t need to break the bank. Even something as simple as a £3.25 bundle of roses from Waitrose can be a lovely gesture and we definitely recommend to always have fresh flowers in your home. You could also bake a cake or go into your lingerie drawer and pull out an old number. Yes we just put lingerie and cake in the same sentence. Or how about offering to massage your partner with some lovely massage oil and complemented with a Spotify meditation playlist?

Give it a go…

To-Do List

  • Take Care of Your Hair & Skin
  • Put On A Nice Outfit
  • Have Candlelit Dinners
  • Arrange Date Nights with 3 Courses & Drinks
  • Host Movie Nights in Bed
  • Surprise Each Other With Small Gifts & Gestures

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