How To Support Black Lives Matter Movement


In order for us to heal this world we need to act now to support the Black Lives Matter movement. The phrase “actions speak louder than words” I believe is important to point out because evidently from seeing protests, petitioning and donations, actions are what the world needs to make a change.

For the past few days, we have been given many opportunities to support this movement and for some of you readers you may not know which platforms are available. In an ideal world we want to support and donate to all platforms available however if you can support even one then we are starting this positively.

Please see below the donation platforms you can contribute to and other platforms that you can get involved in. We appreciate that more and more platforms will be available day by day so we will certainly keep updating this feature so that all charitable platforms and organizations are being heard. 

To be completely blunt, if you are prepared to spend £1 of your money on an alcoholic drink or a coffee to-go or products that you don’t really need, then donating that £1 to raising more awareness and helping the black community is a pound better spent.

The Official George Floyd Memorial Fund 

Black Lives Matter Movement Fund 

Black Lives Matter UK Fund 

Minnesota Freedom Fund 

Bail Funds for Protestors 

The Bail Project

Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust 

Belly Mujinga Memorial Fund 

Grass Roots Law Project

I run with Maud – Ahmaud Arbery Memorial Fund 

Project Myopia 

Stop Hate UK

The Coalition for Racial Equality and Rights – Scotland 

Discrimination Law Association 

Reclaim the Block 

Black Visions Collective 

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