The Luxury Student
Members Club

Join The Luxury Student Members Club, a concept born from a love of luxury brands and services, and enjoy a truly unique student experience.

Become part of our luxury members club

All Members must be students at the time of registration. Once you have been accepted to The Club, we will send you emails to alert you of your recent gift or offer. Our aim is to entertain you and shower you with luxury experiences. Some services and products may be available for you to purchase outside of the Membership Agreement, such as holidays and appointments and reservations. We are simply offering you the chance to be exposed in this luxury industry with exclusive packages for Members Only.

Members Club Benefits

Annual Membership with access to your own log in page and luxury brand access
Nespresso Machine and coffee voucher with Nespresso Membership
Exclusive invite to restaurants and bars access
Exclusive discounts
Invitation to Brand Event and Networking
Access to Quaglinos Members Club, Mayfair
Complimentary Skin Care Treatment
A Personal Stylist
1 day pass to Private Members Club with Private Tour
Exclusive University Travel Package
Free luxury Tea Bags for University
Free coffee box for Exams
1 hour P.A service
Discount to Luxury Chauffeur
Health Ambassador and Yoga Instructor
Free tickets to Paris with Eurostar
Gift from The Luxury Student, brooch or cufflinks
Wealth Management Consultation
Social Drinks with Other Luxury Student Membersr

Application & Pricing

Please complete the registration below. Due to the exclusive nature of the members club, we will accept Members that we believe will truly appreciate this club, in order to maintain high standards when introducing new clients to brands.

Referrals are looked upon favourably so please enter a referral name of a current Member (this is optional).

Your Annual Membership can be paid in full or instalments. Your luxury products and services will be offered throughout the year.

If you have any questions please email

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