Like many, Aileen Gilani didn’t really know what to do once she left university, but conventional wisdom told her to go to law school. Between lectures and revising for exams, she developed a blog based on her passion. Aileen’s blog became so successful she decided to leave law school at the age of 23 to pursue her dream of building her own thriving business. It wasn’t easy, but she did it.


Aileen has written this book for anyone thinking of taking that brave first step from having an idea into launching and running a start-up. It can be a very lonely and daunting place when you’re doing something different that steers away from the traditional corporate or academic world. But no matter what your business idea is, there are universal steps all entrepreneurs must take to get their businesses off the ground, and that’s what Aileen wants to share,along with her own personal advice and anecdotes.


An entrepreneur’s path is never smooth or predictable and this book doesn’t sprinkle any fairy dust over the trickiest parts of starting your own business. Aileen provides an honest account that offers readers knowledge and confidence to grow and tackle their business challenges head on.

From Student to Entrepreneur (Paperback book)

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