This is your time to crack on with that idea you have in your mind. Allow Aileen who has started whilst she was studying Law 4 years ago, to guide you on how to start a business here in U.K. 

The following is included in your 10 Hour Masterclass that can be distributed to suit your timeframe and deadline: 

- Brainstorm ideas and branding vision - this is critical

- Brief Business Plan 

- Website Draft 

- Launch strategy 

- Personal Branding - also critical for any Entrepreneur 


If Aileen and other entreprenures can start a business at a younger age, than so can you! 


Please note, Aileen and The Team are not responsible to physically start your business via Business registration on Companies, nor are they respinsible for financing your business. Both areas, Aileen will be able to guide with multiple suggestions. 


- Additional connections will be offered to you should you wish to be connected. 

- Free set of business cards 

- Notebook and pen 


We are book you in at a convenient location or work with you via Skype or Whatsapp Video. 

Start Your Business While Being A Student

  • Due to the personal nature of this Masterclass, this is not refundable.