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Introducing Social Supermarket Christmas Hamper Range 2020

These days we are so overwhelmed by what to we can buy or what we cannot buy when it comes to essential food items. However we sometimes forget that there are local and smaller brands that do not get the opportunity to showcase their products in large supermarkets, shops and online stores. To add more struggle to the mix, to go into your local deli or café that may sell these products might become even more difficult with recent Covid rules approaching us again. Therefore it essential that we support local food and drink businesses as much as possible, especially if they need to fulfil their social enterprise goals. Jamie Palmer has launched a platform called Social Supermarket that offers us over 700 products to choose from.

As Christmas is around the corner they are launched their Christmas Hamper Range 2020 that include a selection of the best social enterprise products. And may I say they look very instagramable.

Saturn Christmas Hamper
Impact From 100 Hampers:
Economic Empowerment: Support of community initiatives in Nicaragua
Economic Empowerment: 7 hours of employment for people who have experienced homelessness
Charitable Contributions: Profits donated to an antihuman trafficking organisation

Please support them on their social media @thesocialsupermarket.

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