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In this COVID time we are quite rightly being discouraged from going out to public spaces, especially shops and supermarkets, with trips being required to be “essentials” only. We’ve just got to do as we’re told at the moment. But we’ve still got to eat right? Thankfully there are some wonderful food and drink suppliers, who themselves have been dramatically affected by the drop in business from the hospitality industry, who are doing home delivery. We’ve picked some of the best out there on the market:

Fruit and Vegetables:

Riverford Organics: one of the oldest-running companies, with a sustainable and ethical ethos. 80% of their vegetables are grown in the UK, and by the end of 2020 they will be using completely compostable home packaging. Their seasonal vegetable boxes come in at approximately 5% less than the supermarkets. Ethical and cheaper than the big boys- always a good starting point. N.B. at time of writing Riverford are unable to take any new customers due to high demand during the COVID crisis.

Abel and Cole: also an ethically-driven company focused on organic and seasonal produce. They do weekly deliveries right to your front door- only one weekly delivery per area so their carbon footprint is minimal. You can get a mixed fruit and veg box at home for £18, you don’t always know what you’re getting so you can have some fun with it! The good news is that they can also help with your dairy supplies too! Their produce is beautiful and will certainly brighten up your Instagram feed.

Meat and Fish:

Donald Russell: these guys are based in Aberdeenshire and in normal times provide hotels and high-end restaurants around the world with their quality meat. However at the moment they are excelling in home delivery. With just a £40 minimum order, there is no delivery charge, which means you can get restaurant quality meat; whether it’s a prime cut of beef, some tender pork or some nice rich lamb; delivered straight to your door. You can really make the most of having to #stayathome and enjoying your #nightin.

Walter Rose & Son: a butcher’s based in Devizes, Wiltshire. Also suppliers to some very exclusive Michelin-starred restaurants and hotels. They are able to supply meat and fish, as well as some excellent selection boxes; their ‘Beef Selection Box’ at £75 for example, brings you rib-eyes, sirloin, fillet steaks, a roasting joint, braising beef and mince. Several meals in there to keep up your levels of luxury whilst you’re having to stay indoors.


Difference Coffee: this company really is the top-end of luxury in terms of your morning pick-me-up. They source their coffees from the best estates in the world, using rare and unique varietals that give the best expressions of aroma and taste. Favoured by Michelin-star restaurants and hotels all over the world (61 starred Restaurants!), there is a reason why their reputation is so big! If you’re now working from home (#WFH), and want a new coffee to help get through these long lockdown days then this truly is the luxury you’re looking for. And what’s better, is that their coffees come in capsule varieties, meaning the ‘Difference Coffees’ are compatible with any machine you probably have at home. It’s super easy to order to. Winning!

Pact Coffee: a simple subscription coffee service, founded in 2012 with the plan of introducing the UK to a better quality coffee. How it works is you create a bespoke coffee ‘plan’- pick ground or wholebean, or capsule coffee; the size of the grind (basically in what format you’re going to use it at home); your grade of coffee (house to single origin to rare); the preferred flavour profile; and how often you would like it- this can be one a day or up to one every 60 days!

Wine: Whilst our favourite tipple is not regarded as an “essential” item, we all know the relaxing benefit of a glass or two, especially during lockdown. The good news though is that wine can be ordered online. Some of the big boys are still doing it (Majestic, Honest Grapes, Berry Brothers), but our advice would be to check out your local wine bar or wine retailer, and see what they’re doing. Many are doing a home delivery service, some with or without a minimum order, whilst others are operating a click-and-collect service. Like restaurants, every little helps to support small businesses at the moment.

Whatever takes your fancy, this “rediscovered” method of shopping for groceries and essentials will not only help us out during the coronavirus crisis, but perhaps will force a lot of us to look at the way we go about our daily lives and change our behaviours going forwards.

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