Top 5 Apps for Lockdown

Lockdown has got us all going a bit crazy at home, after all being stuck in a house with your family for weeks at a time can be too much for even the closest of families. So, if you want to get away from your siblings or just want to try something different check out these five apps that will keep you occupied for hours and help you do something new during lockdown.

1. TikTok

Queue everyone rolling their eyes… We all love to hate it but TikTok is seriously addictive and will have you hooked in minutes. The app lets you watch short viral videos made by other users on a huge range of topics from pranks, TikTok dances, how to tutorials and tear-jerking tributes as well as the best content on the app; puppy videos!

You can try fighting the urge to download it but once you do you won’t look back as you binge watch hours of entertaining content. It’s available to download for free on both IOS and Android via the respective app stores.

2. Strava

After you’ve inevitably spent hours binge watching TikTok videos you’ll probably want to head out for your one daily exercise. With more people going for runs and bike rides than ever before, why not track your exercise with Strava. It allows you to record almost any activity using your phone’s GPS and will provide you with a cool route map and some of the key statistics from your activity, whilst also letting you share your activity with friends. For those who are more competitive, you can race others on the dedicated user made segments to earn the ‘KOM’ or see where you rank on the leader boards. You can even connect other devices such as heart rate monitors to get even more data to track your progression.

The app is free to use and offers a premium service for those looking to unlock extra data analytics and route planning services.

3. Psych: Outwit Your Friends

Psych is a really exciting app that allows you to play a range of different games virtually with your friends making it perfect for lockdown. You simply create a group by sharing the groups quiz code and then you can choose from a huge rage of games and quizzes to challenge your friends.

My personal favourite is the game called ‘And The Truth Comes Out’ where it gives you a scenario about one of your friends who’s playing, and you have to make up an answer with everyone then voting for their favourite anonymous answer to earn points.

It’s free to download and play so check it out on the app store now!

4. Hinge

What better time to sort your dating life out than when you’re stuck at home with nothing to do? Now we know you can’t go and meet anyone at the moment, but Hinge is a slightly classier dating app aimed at meeting people who aren’t just looking for a ‘hook up’ so why not dedicate some time to finding your Mr or Mrs right?

Hinge is different to other dating apps because you have to fill your profile out by answering a range of fun questions to showcase your personality. Other users can then browse your profile and if they like what on offer they can choose which part of the profile to like. If you then both like each other, you match and have a useful conversation starter to get you going. It’s got a 4.5-star rating with over 279k reviews and its tag line is “the dating app designed to be deleted” which can only be a good thing. But remember, FaceTime dates only during lockdown!

5. Duolingo

Last but by no means least is Duolingo; a super fun and easy to use app that will help you learn a language from your own home. Lockdown is the perfect time to learn something new and Duolingo works by letting you choose how long you want to dedicate to learning a language each day. You can spend as little as ten minutes a day and the app will then generate short games and lessons to teach you a language. It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete beginner or just want to brush up your skills before your post lockdown holiday. The app even uses clever technology to adapt the teaching style based on how you learn best!

There’s a choice of over 30 language and the app is used by over 300 million people so it must be good. We are all in lockdown and could easily dedicate 10 minutes a day to learning a new skill, especially when its free!

So there are thousands of great apps out there to keep you busy during lockdown but by downloading these five apps it will cover you for every mood; whether you’re feeling like focusing on self-improvement, doing some exercise, or just relaxing and having fun with friends. Be sure to let us know what other apps you’d recommend in the comments.

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